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TSA PreCheck comes to Southern California: Faster airport check-in, but at what privacy cost?

by Patt Morrison

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Ben Starrett places his bag on the table for security screening as he uses the new TSA PreCheck lane being implemented by the Transportation Security Administration at Miami International Airport on October 4, 2011. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Imagine sailing through airport check-in with no hassle. Exciting! In return, though, the Transportation Security Administration is allowed to perform a background check on you.

It’s the TSA’s PreCheck system, a voluntary passenger pre-screening pilot initiative implemented last October in cooperation with Delta and American Airlines in several airports around the country: Atlanta, Detroit, Dallas, Miami and recently Las Vegas. PreCheck is now expanding to Southern California. Expected to launch in a few weeks, within January, according to a TSA spokesman, the system will specifically expand to Los Angeles International Airport’s American Airlines hub at Terminal 4. The TSA’s PreCheck background check includes information about the passenger’s flying habits and payment types. Approved PreCheck passengers are able to keep their shoes and belts on during check-in, leave laptops and zip-locked liquids in their carry-on bags and walk through a separate security path.


Do you think giving the government detailed personal information is a fair trade off for quick access to hassle free experience at the airport? Should this option be available to all flyers or only those who fly frequently? Do you think the current screening system is effective?


Charlie Leocha, director, Consumer Travel Alliance

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