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Residents sue over L.A.’s crumbling infrastructure

by Patt Morrison

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The pothole on Wilshire Boulevard that destroyed KPCC reporter Sanden Totten's front passenger side tire. It has since been filled. But thousands of other holes are still marking up the roads in Los Angeles. KPCC / Sanden Totten

Have you noticed more potholes on Los Angeles roads recently? Have you had trouble with ancient decaying water pipes? Yes? You are not alone. The city’s infrastructure is crumbling at the same time the L.A. City Council continues to approve new condos, office towers, and retail developments.

And the city isn’t telling the rest of us that there are enough roads and water pipes and electrical cables to support all that growth. So some residents are suing the city for not coming clean on the details. Two attorneys on the case are taking the case to the courts. The city attorney, Carmen Trutanich, argues that the annual report requirement is a suggestion, not a mandate. If the city had the money, it can do that report; otherwise, he says, it doesn’t need to. The suit wants the city to stop all new development until those infrastructure reports come out again.


How many new developments can the city infrastructure sustain? What information should the city be required to make public?


Sabrina Venskus, attorney for petitioner, Saunders et al v. City of Los Angeles

Lucille Saunders, president, La Brea-Willoughby Coalition and the principle complainant in the lawsuit (Saunders et al v. City of Los Angeles)

Mike Eveloff, president, Tract 7260 Homeowners Association, that covers the area between Beverly Glen on the west, Century City on the east, Pico on the south and Santa Monica on the north.

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