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With an outrageous tale, authors Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel explore the lunatic fringe

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How do two buffoons from suburban New Jersey become legendary international criminals? Award-winning authors Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel join forces to answer this question with their new book “Lunatics.” Barry and Zweibel employ their fictionalized alter egos Jeffrey Peckerman and Philip Horkman as troublemakers who, through their own stupidity, turn a disputed call in a girls’ soccer game into global mayhem.

Peckerman and Horkman are charged with, among other things, committing acts of terrorism in New York City, endangering zoo animals, hijacking a clothing-optional cruise ship, extorting hundreds of millions of dollars, and critically damaging a guitar belonging to the singer Charo. Despite their misadventures, the two somehow manage to become the most famous and adored human beings on the planet. Along the way, Barry and Zweibel dynamically address everything from international conflicts to the hazards of school soccer leagues. Join Patt as the authors tell their raucous tale.


Have you ever been involved in a conflict at a children’s sports competition? Have you or anyone you know ever unintentionally done something that snowballed into a gigantic hullabaloo?


Dave Barry, Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist and New York Times-bestselling author of more than thirty books, including “Tricky Business” and “I’ll Mature When I’m Dead.”

Alan Zweibel, original writer, “Saturday Night Live;” four-time Emmy award winner; author of six books, including “The Other Shulman”