Patt Morrison for January 17, 2012

Cruise Ship Costa Concordia Runs Aground Off Giglio
When the Costa Concordia set off from Civitavecchia, Italy, what came next should have been a routine cruise around the Mediterranean. Instead, the ship’s captain, Francesco Shettino, took a detour towards the island of Giglio and hit a reef called Le Scole, tearing open a 160 foot gash in the hull, resulting in a power outage and the eventual listing and sinking of the Concordia.
General Election - Education

Do standardized tests undermine our education system?

How do you measure a teacher’s ability to teach?
Occupy Portland Holds Rally And March On 2-Month Anniversary Of Movement
The results are in: either we don’t do math, or numbers really don’t matter. Recent polls show that Americans overestimate federal spending on the Corporation for Public Broadcasting by a factor of 100, the percentage of illegal U.S. residents by a factor of six or seven, and the number of residents receiving welfare by about two.
California Budget

Myths about budget misguide voters in California

When it comes to budgeting, numbers don’t lie and are undeniably more important than myths. In light of Governor Jerry Brown’s recent budget proposal, California voters will have to separate fact from fiction if they want to make an informed decision about whether to approve Brown’s November ballot initiative to temporarily raise taxes.
How do two buffoons from suburban New Jersey become legendary international criminals? Award-winning authors Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel join forces to answer this question with their new book “Lunatics.” Barry and Zweibel employ their fictionalized alter egos Jeffrey Peckerman and Philip Horkman as troublemakers who, through their own stupidity, turn a disputed call in a girls’ soccer game into global mayhem.
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