Patt Morrison for January 23, 2012

GOP Candidate Newt Gingrich Holds Primary Night Gathering
Do you support the guy you like or the guy who can win? That is the question the Republican Party appears to be having trouble answering as it determines who will be its 2012 presidential candidate.
Google Debuts Its Nexus One Cell Phone
In the case of the "United States v. Antoine Jones" – a D.C. night club owner suspected of distributing narcotics – the easy decision has been made. The Supreme Court ruled unanimously today that attaching a GPS tracking device to a suspect’s car constitutes a search under the Fourth Amendment and therefore requires a warrant.
The Olivier Awards 2011 - Press Room
Have you ever seen a movie or a play and wondered what happened to the characters before or after the fictional events of the story took place? Bruce Norris may have – because that’s the inspiration behind his Pulitzer prize-winning comedy, “Clybourne Park.
A group of cows wait for slaughter 29 De
The Supreme Court today overruled a California law that would require slaughterhouses to euthanize “downed livestock,” rather than slaughtering them to prevent their meat from entering the nation’s food system.
Goodbye, student backpacks loaded down with expensive, heavy textbooks? Well, goodbye to the heavy part, at least. Apple, which has made a habit of revolutionizing the way we interact with technology, is now turning its digital sights on the venerable analog textbook.
iPod Thefts Contribute To Surge In Crime
If your gut has been telling you not to wear headphones while you walk around town, you now have vindication. A new study in the journal ''Injury Prevention,'' using statistics from accidents between pedestrians and vehicles between 2004 and 2011, concludes that in nearly three-quarters of those crashes, the pedestrian was wearing headphones.
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