Patt Morrison For February 1, 2012

President Obama Addresses The Nation During State Of The Union Address
As part of his “Blueprint for an America Built to Last,” previewed in last week’s State of the Union address, President Obama has laid out a specific plan to help Americans struggling to keep their homes.
Mike Kelley : Educational Complex Onwards (1995-2008)

Contemporary Los Angeles artist Mike Kelley found dead

Los Angeles artist Mike Kelley, known for his multi-media punk-infused works, was found dead on Tuesday in his home in South Pasadena, police and the Gagosian Gallery, his art dealer, confirmed Wednesday.
Israelis participate in a march organize

Cancer charity Susan G. Komen yanks funding for Planned Parenthood

Backlash to the decision of leading breast-cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure to cease providing grants to Planned Parenthood centers nationwide has been widespread, sparking further debate over abortion.
Predator Drone Gets New Designation And Function

The drone wars – robots that fly and fight all by themselves

Science fiction like the Terminator movies have long entertained and frightened us with depictions of a future dystopia where humans wage war against an army of intelligent and violent computers.

The Jayhawks find their wings and fly once again

The Jayhawks are a Minneapolis-based band whose breezy mixture of Gram Parsons’ cosmic country and Neil Young’s feedback-drenched guitar made them inadvertent progenitors of a new sub-genre of music in the early 1990s.
Buy, sell, repeat. Why do so many of us keep doing dumb things with our money, or make the same poor investment choices over and over again?
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