Patt Morrison for February 2, 2012

Hey, Californians – have you noticed that your health care rates have increased since the Affordable Care Act went into effect? Some consumer groups are worried that the trend will continue and grow more drastic.
The Honda Civic Hybrid is one of the man
David battled Goliath and David won… for now, but a bigger battle may be on the horizon.
President Obama created controversy when he pledged to try self-described 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian court in New York City and then reversed paths last year, announcing that Mohammed and four other suspects would be tried by a military commission at the U.
Professor Showing A Thing

Working beyond 65 good for the economy?

Work. Most of us do it until the day we can hang up our hats to enter a perceived “golden age” of retirement. But what if retiring at age 65 means less money for the U.S. economy, already under the weight of years-long downturn?

Charles and Ray Eames and the history behind Mid-Century modern

The set designers for “Mad Men” are facing tough competition these days for finding Mid-Century modern furniture at the Rose Bowl flea market. The sleek and sneakily functional designs popularized by designers like Charles and Ray Eames have been making a strong resurgence in recent years.
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