Patt Morrison For February 8, 2012

Health And Human Services Dept. Approves Free Birth Control For Women
President Obama’s Catholic contraception controversy – spurred by his Department of Health and Human Services’ mandate late last month requiring Catholic institutions to offer free access to FDA-approved contraceptives through health insurance plans by August 1 – isn’t going away.

Should the media be allowed in children’s courtrooms?

A recent decision by Children’s Court Presiding Judge Michael Nash to open Los Angeles County’s juvenile courtrooms to the media is causing a stir among children’s rights advocates.
Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck

Ask the Chief

LAPD has faced criticism for their policies surrounding the impounding of unlicensed drivers’ vehicles. Immigration rights groups say police polices regarding the impounding of vehicles is merely a way to generate revenue, while other critics feel that the law isn’t stringent enough.

Internet freedom: Who should govern the net?

The information super-highway, with a few exceptions, is virtually unregulated, but this relatively new frontier may soon be restricted and manipulated by powerful governments and corporations.
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