Patt Morrison for February 14, 2012

Teachers Rally To Highlight Proposed Budget Cuts
With $450 million in cuts to make and everyone unhappy about what’s being trimmed, today’s Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education meeting is bound to be packed. The Los Angeles Times reports that targets for cuts so far include the adult education program, preschool programs, elementary art, summer school, and thousands of staff.
Back when Governor Jerry Brown was Secretary of State, he helped create California’s Fair Political Practices Commission, which has strived to ensure politicians behave ethically; but now, three decades later, that safeguard may have lost its edge.
Biotechnology and agricultural giant Monsanto sells most of the seeds on the U.S. market, and organic farms have long complained about the agri-giant’s monopolistic approach to farming.
Huntsman Campaigns Furiously In NH One Day Before Primary

Does reporting about candidates make them more viable candidates?

How’s this for a love letter? “Dear Newt,” wrote Washington Post political columnist Dana Milbank in his column a few weeks ago. “You’re the only thing saving us [journalists, that is] from a long spring of despair, the only person who can, by extending the presidential race, drive up our audience and bring us the revenues we so desperately need.

The science of a broken heart

As painful as it is to have a broken heart, there has always been some small comfort in knowing that it is only a feeling, and thus would pass. However, according to a new study led by researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and published January 9th online in the journal Circulation, an unlucky few are prone to a higher risk of heart attack in the weeks after a loved one passes, 21 times greater on the day of a loved one’s death.

Love stories from StoryCorps

Love – they say you can’t buy it, or, for that matter, control its timing. Love might appear in your life out of the blue, like it did for Ruben P. and Rachel P. Salazar in 2007, when an email that was supposed to go to R.
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