Patt Morrison for February 17, 2012

Santorum 2012
Foster Friess, a major donor to a super PAC that backs Rick Santorum, made a controversial comment about birth control methods during an interview on MSNBC on Thursday, saying "Back in my days, they used Bayer aspirin for contraceptives.
Death Chamber at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility

Ron Briggs, longtime champion of the death penalty, reverses course

Even if you support the death penalty, it’s not working, and if you oppose it, then it never should work. In 1978, California voters passed the Briggs Death Penalty Initiative, which expanded the use of, and eligibility for, the state’s death penalty.
Should 911 calls be a matter of public record? The recent scandal over a 911 phone call placed by friends of the actress Demi Moore (as Moore suffered convulsions in the next room) has raised the question.
The Obamas Attend Independence Day Festivities
“Hail to the Chief, we have chosen for the nation.” So goes the lyrical intro to the boisterous tune “Hail to the Chief” traditionally played instrumentally at the arrival of the President of the United States.
2012 Oscar® Costume Design Award Nominated Costume Designs
Lights! Camera! Fashion! This year’s Oscar-nominated costume designers have created gorgeous outfits for films ranging from Martin Scorsese’s kids adventure “Hugo,” to black-and-white and mostly silent film “The Artist,” set in 1920s Hollywood.
Longtime make-up artist Matthew W. Mungle has worked on films ranging from “Inception” to “Schindler’s List.” He is nominated for his fourth best make-up Oscar this year for the 19th century-set film “Albert Nobbs.
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