Patt Morrison for February 21, 2012

Can we drill our way to lower prices at the gas pump?

Dum dum dum. It’s happening again, a nationwide surge in gasoline prices. Over the weekend, average pump prices for regular gas jumped up to more than $4 per gallon statewide. Transportation experts say $5 per gallon is potentially looming over the horizon.

Should prisons save money by releasing older inmates?

It costs about $44,500 per year to house an inmate in the California state prison system, but prison officials are finding that costs are going up as the prison population ages.
Kindergardners Participate In National Pledge of Allegiance
When it comes to the Pledge of Allegiance chanted by children daily in schools across America, the critical phrase “one nation under God” is up for debate. In Acton, Mass., anonymous parents of three kids are suing the school district over the Pledge of Allegiance.

A year without cash – could you do it?

How does money work – cash money, that is? David Wolman realized he didn’t know the answer to this deceptively simple question, so he decided to live one year without cash and set out across the globe to better understand the history of currency and what its future might be.
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