Patt Morrison for February 23, 2012

Health insurance rates go up in California…again

Health care rates in California may be rising faster than the national average, but based on the latest report card issued by the Office of the Patient Advocate, customers are more satisfied.
Two overweight women walk at the 61st Mo

FDA closer to approving weight-loss drug

It could be the first new prescription drug to treat obesity in 13 years if the Food and Drug Administration follows the advice of its advisory committee, which voted 20 to 2 this week to approve the weight-loss drug Qnexa.
Laboratories Analyse Meat And Sausage Samples

Is genetically-engineered and lab-grown food the wave of the future?

People around the world love meat and fish, whether a sliver of salmon or a juicy hamburger. Fish, though, is pricey, and demand for meat is set to increase as the standard of living grows in various regions such as Asia and Africa.
Bryson, Obama Economic Advisors Discuss Information Economy And Privacy

Will an online privacy “bill of rights” protect Internet users?

In the aftermath of a rash of online privacy violations and an increasingly complicated Internet "Do Not Track" situation, the Obama administration today issued a new online “bill of rights” in an attempt to move the issue forward.

Comic books come of age – the depiction of race in graphic novels

The idea of comic books may bring to mind images of awkward teenage boys and eccentric collectors for some, but comic books have grown up, and they even have an upscale moniker – Graphic Novels – to match their diverse subject matter and increasing influence in our culture.
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