Patt Morrison for February 24, 2012

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Would you pay for access to the Los Angeles Times online?

Because of online-only readers, the L.A. Times will soon be charging for access to its digital news, joining a growing list of major newspapers attempting to turn the tide of declining revenues.

Bill Gates on teacher ratings made public: 'Shame is Not the Solution'

Last week, the New York State Court of Appeals ruled that teachers’ individual performance assessments could legally be made public. In response to the ruling, former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates contributed an op-ed article to the New York Times criticizing the practice of publicizing teacher ratings.
Seen any solo drivers back in the carpool lane lately? Did you think they were breaking the law that put the brakes on hybrids with those yellow Clean Air stickers from driving solo in the carpool lane? You may have heard word that California is “reopening” its carpool lanes to solo Chevy Volt drivers.
Double Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film and Best

"The Most Insane, Illogical Award Choices in Oscar History"

In many circles, Orson Welles’ masterpiece, “Citizen Kane,” is considered to be the greatest film ever made. But cinephiles who know their history will recall that “Kane” didn’t win the Best Picture Oscar in 1941 – that distinction went to John Ford’s “How Green Was My Valley.
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