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U.S. Senator George Mitchell discusses turmoil in the Middle East at UCLA

by Patt Morrison

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with US Middle East envoy, Senator George Mitchell for a weekend of diplomatic peace talks, on October 30, 2009 in Jerusalem, Israel. Handout/Getty Images

George Mitchell is the go-to guy for working out conflicts – from the Mideast to Northern Ireland to steroid use in baseball. Following the Camp David Summit in 2000, and at the request of President Bill Clinton, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat, Sen. Mitchell served as chairman of an international fact-finding committee on violence in the Middle East. The committee's recommendation, widely known as “The Mitchell Report,” was published in 2001 and was endorsed by the Bush administration, the European Union, and many other governments. In 2009, President Obama appointed Mitchell as Special Envoy for the Middle East, a position he held for more than two years. He joins Patt to talk about the volatile region.


How involved should the United States be in resolving conflicts in the Middle East? What questions would you like to ask an expert about the dynamic region?


Senator George Mitchell, former Senator from Maine (1980 - 1995) and Senate Majority Leader (1989 - 1995); he served most recently as the United States Special Envoy for Middle East Peace (2009-2011) under President Obama

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