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Surf’s up! Google invasion begins today

by Patt Morrison

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The Google logo is seen at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. on September 2, 2011. Kimihiro Hoshino/AFP/Getty Images

We’ve been warned – Google’s new privacy policy goes into effect today. The company says the integration of user information across platforms will create a “beautifully simple, intuitive user experience” for its customers. And not incidentally, it will also help Google assemble a dossier of personal information that will enhance its own advertiser experience. Savvy surfers who don’t want that cozy a relationship with their browser have already cleared their search histories and accounts, but if you haven’t done it, are you out of luck? Not necessarily. There are still some steps you can take to protect your internet wanderings from going down the Google-hole.


How will the privacy changes affect you? What’s the best way to protect yourself on the web? Is the new policy even legal?


Pam Dixon, executive director, World Privacy Forum, a non-profit public interest research center focusing on areas of technology and privacy

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