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Vegas goes Vegan. Restaurants in meat-centric Sin City add vegan menus

by Patt Morrison

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The Encore (L) and the Wynn (R) hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 12, 2008 Dan Perry/flickr

Traditionally steak-loving Sin City is getting a vegan, health conscious makeover. Hotel magnate Steve Wynn was so influenced by his own lifestyle change to a meat and dairy-free diet that he mandated the restaurants in his Wynn and Encore hotels in Las Vegas have vegan menus. Wynn collaborated with vegan chef Tal Ronnen to create varied, upscale dishes such as fake “crab” cakes made with toasted pasta and tomato confit. Does this shift towards vegan dining in a city known more for thick steaks and unhealthy excess indicative of a broader change in attitude about food around the country? Former President Bill Clinton switched to veganism and cities such as Los Angeles and New York are already filled with vegan and veggie eateries.


Is veganism just a trend or a permanent fixture?


Tal Ronnen, vegan chef who collaborated with hotel magnate Steve Wynn to create vegan menus for the Encore and Wynn resorts in Las Vegas.

Steve Stallman, president of Stallman Marketing and the Food Consultants Group, with 25 years experience in food branding and marketing

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