Patt Morrison For March 7, 2012

Tea Party Express Holds Demonstration In Albany

OC says no to seeking $10 million in federal health care funds

Orange County’s Board of Supervisors has blocked the county’s Health Care Agency from seeking more than $10 million in federal grants because some board members view the money as tainted by what they call “ObamaCare.
New Orleans Saints v Dallas Cowboys

The NFL is set to crack down on cash 'bounty' programs

American football is a bone-crushing game - a full contact sport in which elite athletes fight and claw for every yard. It is no surprise that players competing at this level would hit hard – it’s what they’re paid to do.
San Francisco Giants v Texas Rangers, Game 4

Should taxpayers subsidize wealthy ex-presidents?

Former presidents make millions from book deals and speaking engagements and most in the modern era are, well, rich. So should taxpayers continue to foot the bill for expenses like staff, office space and travel?

West Hollywood launches campaign to stop door ads

If you’re tired of finding leaflets, flyers, or brochures left on your doorstep or hanging on your doorknob, you should consider moving to West Hollywood.
Traditionally steak-loving Sin City is getting a vegan, health conscious makeover. Hotel magnate Steve Wynn was so influenced by his own lifestyle change to a meat and dairy-free diet that he mandated the restaurants in his Wynn and Encore hotels in Las Vegas have vegan menus.
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