Patt Morrison for March 8, 2012

National Socialist Movement Holds Rally In Los Angeles

Report finds hate groups on the rise in America

According to a new report released Wednesday by civil rights organization the Southern Poverty Law Center, hate groups in America are steeply on the rise, fueled by antagonism to President Obama.
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There oughta be a law – against too many laws

In Alaska it’s illegal to give a moose alcohol. Ladies in Owensboro, Kentucky are prohibited from buying a hat without their husband’s permission. In Texas, criminals must give their victims 24-hour notice of the crime they’re planning to commit (it’s not specified whether it should be written or oral notice).
93 million miles is almost too many miles to comprehend, but that’s how far it is from Earth to that beloved yellow dwarf star keeping our ecosystem humming along.
Patt Morrison puts the LACMA rock in perspective

LACMA’S “rock star” is en route to L.A.

Get ready because the “Levitated Mass” is rolling your way!
Pakistani NGO activists chant slogans du

‘Miss Representation’ in the media

The 2011 documentary “Miss Representation” explores the way women in powerful positions in America are portrayed.

Life in the faster fast lane - debating raising speed limits

Cash-strapped law enforcement agencies have to do more with less, which means that there aren’t as many officers to tackle an array of law enforcement tasks - including patrolling for speeders.
Star Wars Exhibition in New York
Science fiction illustrator Ralph McQuarrie, best known for his work on George Lucas’ Star Wars films, passed away Saturday in Berkeley, CA, after multiple decades of living with Parkinson’s disease.
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