Patt Morrison for March 12, 2012

US army soldiers of Task Force 3-66 Brav
As the world reacts to news of an allegedly lone American soldier going off base and killing 16 Afghan civilians early Sunday morning, we look ahead at the judicial options. Will the suspect be court marshaled before a military tribunal, or could such a case go before a civilian court? Critics of military tribunals often argue that they are too lenient and point to the Marines Corps’ recent “discharge under honorable conditions” of former staff sergeant Frank Wuterich, who pleaded guilty to negligent dereliction of duty in the killing of 24 unarmed Iraqis in 2005.
Intelligent Design

JPL employee sues for wrongful termination

For 15 years, computer specialist David Coppedge worked as a “team lead” on JPL’s Cassini mission, which explored Saturn and its many moons. During that time, he also freely engaged co-workers in conversations about the theory of intelligent design, the anti-evolution theory that the universe and life on earth was created by a higher power.

Bogus cliffhangers in TV news

They’re on television screens all the time, banners for “breaking news!” and “this just in!” Especially during this election season, TV news cliffhangers have taken on an accelerated tone, with minute-by-minute shoutouts and graphics detailing incremental moments with exclamation points and exclamatory language.

Why is Generation Y less likely to move for a job?

America’s Dust Bowl era yielded numerous hard luck stories of Americans packing up and traveling great distances in search of work – it’s the stuff of Woody Guthrie and Steinbeck’s Tom Joad from The Grapes of Wrath.

Uncovering the mysteries behind King Tut's tomb

He’s both the ultimate ancient world celebrity and a modern cultural icon. But who was the man known as the “boy king?”
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