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Contentious Republican primary race goes the distance and turns south

by Patt Morrison

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney makes a campaign appearance at the Whistle Stop cafe March 12, 2012 in Mobile, Alabama. Win McNamee/Getty Images

Voters in Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii, and American Samoa will weigh in today in one of the most competitive Republican presidential primary races in decades, as four candidates are still striving to clinch the 1,144 delegate votes necessary to win the GOP nomination.

In the wake of Super Tuesday, and despite being criticized for feigning a Southern vernacular at a weekend rally in The Magnolia State, Romney leads the pack with over 450 pledged delegates. Still, some experts continue to worry that no candidate will collect enough delegates to secure the nomination before the August Convention.


Can either Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney broaden his appeal? How will this highly contentious GOP race impact the upcoming general presidential election? Will Romney’s “y’alls” help or hurt his chances? Y’all ready for another round of primaries?


Bill Schneider, resident fellow at Third Way, a think tank in Washington; former political analyst for CNN and the Los Angeles Times

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