Patt Morrison for March 13, 2012

Jan. 17 Board of Ed mtg LAUSD
The Los Angeles Board of Education is meeting today to consider a number of drastic budget issues. The board is under pressure to slash almost $400 million from next year’s budget, which would eliminate thousands of jobs as well as adult education and some after-school and arts programs.
Romney Campaigns In Alabama Ahead Of Primary
Voters in Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii, and American Samoa will weigh in today in one of the most competitive Republican presidential primary races in decades, as four candidates are still striving to clinch the 1,144 delegate votes necessary to win the GOP nomination.
Severe Drought Major Factor In Steep Rise In Beef Prices

New study says all red meat is bad for you

Self-satisfied vegetarians have yet another reason to gloat. One of the longest studies ever to look at the impact of red meat on health reports that any amount and any type of red meat significantly increases the risk of premature death.

Clues to lost Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece found in Florence

How many long-lost art masterpieces have been painted over or hidden from view?
It’s a small world after all, and especially when you can speak multiple languages, and post your prowess on YouTube.
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