Patt Morrison for March 16, 2012

Students pay their respects on October 0
What are the greater implications of the Tyler Clementi case, and verdict, for cyber privacy? Will Dharun Ravi’s conviction strengthen the case for more stringent anti online bullying laws nationwide?
Inner-City Arts' Reception With Members Of Congress

Ask your Congress member: Rep. Xavier Becerra

Patt welcomes back Rep. Xavier Becerra as she continues a mini-series checking in with some of our local Congress members.
Why do we watch disturbing horror movies or gross-out comedies? Why are so many of us repulsed by anything oozy, wiggly, or putrid? Psychologist Rachel Herz answers these questions and more in her new book “That’s Disgusting: Unraveling the Mysteries of Repulsion.”
Mercer 19745

'Coming Out of the Shadows' week remains contentious

Large numbers of youth and adults are stepping forward and admitting to being in the U.S. illegally for "Coming Out of the Shadows" week. The movement is still contentious for multiple reasons.
Satire has been a part of American discourse for ages, from controversial skits about the Vietnam War during “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” in the 1960s to Jon Stewart’s politically tongue-in-cheek “The Daily Show.

Is Los Angeles really the smelliest city on Earth?

Some might say that “smelly” is in the nose of the beholder, but the City of Angels was recently ranked as the smelliest city on the planet by GQ Magazine.

Women's History Month: Leaders in Space Exploration

Space: the final frontier where few men and even fewer women have journeyed. Is the problem interest or accessibility that is keeping more women from pursuing a career in science? At Caltech, which once accepted no women, forty-four percent of the freshmen class are women.
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