Patt Morrison for March 26, 2012

A banner marking the anniversary of "Oba

The Affordable Care Act turns two in court

The Obama administration goes to trial today in front of the Supreme Court to defend its Affordable Care Act, which – beginning in 2014 – will require that every individual purchase health insurance.
Audubon's Birds of America Is Auctioned At Christie's

Super PAC plutocracy: can rich dudes buy an election?

As the Republican presidential primary race continues, campaign financing by way of Super PACs is increasingly becoming a hot issue among donors and critics alike.

“Bully” provides an intimate look at lives of youth

It seems that one hears about a tragic case of bullying on the news all too often these days. Anyone who has been bullied can understand the anxiety felt by the children at the center of the documentary “Bully.
San Francisco Sees Rise In Residential Construction Projects As Tech Sector Grows

Can we silence the sounds of the city?

City dwellers have come to accept the cacophony of sounds that make up a city - cars, motorcycles and garbage trucks, barking dogs, helicopters, the neighbors’ crying baby or teenage drum prodigy – as a necessary evil.
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