Patt Morrison for March 28, 2012

"The Dugout Club" At Dodger Stadium

Will new ownership bring back Dodgers fans?

Dodger Blue is worth a lot of green. A Chicago-based group of investors led by Los Angeles sports icon Magic Johnson has agreed to pony up a hefty $2.15 billion dollars for the Dodgers – a record for any sports franchise.
Emirates Launches Daily A380 Flights From Dubai To Munich

JetBlue incident raises questions of pilot mental health

As you may have heard, a JetBlue Airways flight going from New York to Las Vegas was unexpectedly diverted to Amarillo, Texas yesterday when the captain piloting the flight, Clayton Osbon, exhibited erratic behavior, including shouting about al-Qaeda and bombs, after he was intentionally locked out of the cockpit by the co-pilot.
Are there limits to the conditions (or spending clauses) that Congress sets for the distribution of federal funds? Besides health coverage, this is what’s at stake in today’s Medicaid arguments in front of the Supreme Court.
Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Constitutionality Of Health Care Law
At the core of the Affordable Care Act is the individual mandate, which requires that, by 2014, everyone purchase health insurance or pay a penalty.

The hockey stick and the climate wars

Picture a hockey stick lying on its side, the shaft to the left, the blade rising sharply on the right. The left side stretches back about a thousand years, the right side shows the recent past.
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