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Tax day is right around the corner

by Patt Morrison

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Yes, tax season is once again upon us, and we know that a lot of you are staring at a pile of W-2s and biting your fingernails as the deadline, April 17th, inches closer. Or maybe you already filed and are smiling smugly as your friends have started cancelling dinner and vacation plans to get caught up.

Regardless, you’ll want to listen and call in with your questions, whether they’re for this year or in preparation for next.


Have you been unemployed or cobbling together multiple jobs? Are you in a gay or lesbian partnership and are wondering how to negotiate taxes for two in a system that doesn’t recognize you? Did you have to take an early withdrawal from an IRA and are wondering if you qualify for an exemption on the penalties? Bring us your questions, and we’ll find you your answers.


Selwyn Gerber, CPA and founder, Gerber & Co., Inc.

Contact Selwyn with your tax questions and concerns here:

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