Patt Morrison for April 2, 2012

Emergency Room Guarantees 15 Minute Or Less Wait
This week a joint venture between the San Diego Union-Tribune and USC’s Center for Health Reporting gives us a new use of the term “frequent flyers” – this time as a name for the .08 percent of San Diego’s population that produces 17 percent of the city’s 911 calls and relies largely on emergency room visits for their health care.

Tax day is right around the corner

Yes, tax season is once again upon us, and we know that a lot of you are staring at a pile of W-2s and biting your fingernails as the deadline, April 17th, inches closer. Or maybe you already filed and are smiling smugly as your friends have started cancelling dinner and vacation plans to get caught up.
"Open University" Strike Held At UC Berkeley
Does the University of California lean to the left? It does, according to a new comprehensive study from the California Association of Scholars.

1940 census is available online today

As Americans in 2012 recover from ‘the great recession,’ they now have an opportunity to learn about their predecessors’ recovery from the Great Depression.

Los Angeles, a literary city

Los Angeles has played host to many writers over the years, and the new “Literary Los Angeles: A Road Guide” celebrates this history in poster form.
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