Patt Morrison For April 4, 2012

Should Santa Monica College be able to charge more for popular classes or is that unfair to students?
The Augusta National Golf Club in Atlanta is still, contentiously, a male bastion. And IBM is one of the companies lined up to sponsor the 2012 Masters Tournament, which begins tomorrow.
Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Is early puberty for girls the new ‘normal?’

Studies have shown that girls are developing breasts earlier and that has some researchers befuddled because early breast development is one of the three indicators that signal the beginning of puberty.
Inside the Morrison Crew's Closet
Why are our closets stuffed with jeans that are too small, outfits that are out of style, boxes of shoes we bought but never wear? Why do we go out and spend money on clothes that look exactly like the ones we already have? Why can we never seem to throw anything away (are you really going to wear those toe shoes again)?
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