Patt Morrison for April 5, 2012

New Emergency Room Opens in Boston

Is medical over-testing causing Americans more harm than good?

A pap smear every three years? Adieu to regular prostate-specific antigen (P.S.A) screenings? Recent guidelines issued by the American Cancer Society, plus a campaign called “Choosing Wisely," coordinated by the ABIM Foundation for the advancement of medical professionalism, have added fuel to the fire surrounding the topic of medical over-testing.
UC Davis Occupy Protestors Call For General Strike During Regents Meeting
High school students in Oakland are pushing to get an initiative onto the California ballot that would raise income tax revenue to pay for their college tuition.
House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan Introduces His FY2013 Budget

Why is “compromise” a dirty word in Washington politics?

Political partisanship in the United States typically peaks during a presidential election year and 2012 does not appear to be the exception to the rule, but at what cost?
APTOPIX Charles Manson

Charles Manson gets twelfth chance at parole

After 11 rejected bids for conditional release, infamous killer and cult leader Charles Manson, now 77, will once again be up for parole this month. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said it would vigorously oppose the release of the mass murderer.
Immigrant Mother Of American Children Faces Deportation

What if you had to earn US citizenship?

Birthright citizenship and immigration remain some of the most controversial fights in today’s public policy debates.
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