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Santa Monica College calls an emergency meeting on two-tier price plan

by Patt Morrison

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Outside an emergency meeting called by the Santa Monica College Board of Trustees to discuss the two-tier pricing plan. These demonstrators say they support the decision to raise tuition on some courses, saying it's the only way to keep the doors open. A few days earlier, Protests against the plan ended in scuffles with police, including some protesters being pepper sprayed. April 6, 2012. Vanessa Romo/KPCC

Just days after Santa Monica College police pepper-sprayed students protesting a proposed two-tier tuition plan, the president of the college has said he wants to put off the plan, which was set to begin this summer.

The California Attorney General has been asked to rule whether the plan is legal under the California Education Code. The college board of trustees had planned to operate the higher-tier program through a special foundation.

California community colleges Chancellor Jack Scott had asked the board President, Chui L. Tsang, to postpone the tuition plan. College spokesman Bruce Smith told SCPR’s Tami Abdollah that the college believes the plan is legal that the college has a “very lengthy legal opinion” backing its two-tier plan.


The plan would offer sections of in-demand classes at a rate of $180 per unit after the $46-a-unit classes have filled up. Is a “toll lane” for education the way to solve colleges’ funding problems? Is it unfair to poorer students?


Marjohnny Torres, director of sustainability for the Associated Students of Santa Monica College

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