Patt Morrison For April 6, 2012

Just days after Santa Monica College police pepper-sprayed students protesting a proposed two-tier tuition plan, the president of the college has said he wants to put off the plan, which was set to begin this summer.
Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres
Fans are dismayed by the seemingly chummy encounter between Magic Johnson and former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, seen sitting together at the season opener.
Future Of The Penny In Doubt

Are pennies necessary?

It costs more to make a Canadian penny than their penny is worth - 1.6 cents for a coin that has a value of 1 cent. It seems that minting pennies is a losing game, and our neighbors to the north have decided to discontinue producing their lowest denomination coin in the fall.
Comic-Con, the veritable mecca of sci-fi freaks and fantasy geeks. What was once a small get-together for comic book-philes has become a pop culture juggernaut. Even Johnny Depp has shown up to promote his work.
The debate over the first amendment right to freedom of speech has taken many forms and been argued for years. This case out of Camp Pendleton involves nine-year Marine sergeant veteran Gary Stein, who made disparaging and critical remarks about President Obama on Facebook, calling the president a coward and “the economic and religious enemy.

Asexuality comes out of the closet

Members of the asexual community have recently come to the fore, claiming that culture's obsession with sex has kept them in the shadows.
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