Patt Morrison for April 9, 2012

US Repulican presidential candidate Mitt

The tricky business of negative campaigning

What constitutes a negative political ad, and what is simply informational? Where is the line in the sand? Mitt Romney’s primary campaign pulled a TV ad that slammed Rick Santorum for his losing senate campaign in Pennsylvania, right after Santorum suspended his campaign to be at the hospital bedside of his daughter, Bella.

Growing a green business: inside the medical marijuana trade

Ganjaprenurialism – it’s on the rise. At least it has been since 2009, when the U.S. Justice Department announced that it would make busting medical marijuana operations a low priority.
Colombian singer Shakira takes part in t

Hispanic vs. Latino: How do you identify?

The term “Hispanic” was adopted by the United States government in the 1970s as a word used to identify people from Central and South America, but many Americans whose lineage traces to countries in that part of the world have never felt an affinity for the label.
How much would you say your life is influenced by your fear of death? Some say that everything humankind does reflects this fear, from art to science to politics.
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