Patt Morrison for April 10, 2012

Rick Santorum suspends campaign

Rick Santorum suspends his presidential campaign

Now that Rick Santorum has announced that he’s ending his campaign, the GOP race might just be a done deal, with Mitt Romney claiming his prize as the presumptive presidential nominee.

What is the legacy of Thomas Kinkade?

Was Thomas Kinkade, who passed away on April 6, a great American artist à la Norman Rockwell and Currier and Ives, or just one more banal genre artist among many? What is it about his ready-to-hang living room oils that people find so attractive or repulsive?
Ozzie Guillen News Conference
In his eight seasons with the Chicago White Sox, Ozzie Guillen was known for his colorful, sometimes profane, language. But fresh into his new gig with the Miami Marlins, Guillen went too far.
Mercer 4342

When and why should students be suspended?

Should students be suspended for eye rolling at the teacher? Evidently they are; suspension rates for nonviolent offenses now account for more than 40 percent of suspensions in California and critics say it disproportionately targets black and Latino boys and keeps out the students who need most to stay in school.
For those without smart phones, Facebook’s Monday purchase of the Instagram photo sharing application is nearly incomprehensible given the astounding selling price of $1 billion.

Feeding the hungry city

As every athlete and teenage boy knows, the higher your metabolism, the more energy you need to consume. The same is true for cities. Cities with a high energy metabolism – that is, those that need large amounts of energy in order to function – will find themselves increasingly hungry in the years to come.
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