Patt Morrison for April 12, 2012

Southern California rents are on the rise

Looking to rent in 2012? Good luck.
Students Throughout The UK Receive Their A Level Results

Prospective employers now have to meet the parents

Job-hunting is such hard work – writing a resume, marshaling your references, pounding the pavement and then trumpeting your skills in the all-important interview. Why not just let mom do it? After she’s finished your laundry, that is.
Los Angeles Police Department
In September of 2005, Robert Contreras was shot several times by Los Angeles police officers after fleeing the scene of a drive-by shooting with two others in a van.
In February, California Fish and Game President Daniel W. Richards refused to resign despite state state legislators’ calls for him to do so after photographs surfaced showing Richards holding a dead mountain lion he had hunted using hounds in Idaho, where hunting mountain lions is legal.
Truth can be stranger than fiction when it comes to weddings… and who better to pen a novel with a plot about nuptial drama than Devan Sipher, a journalist who covers non-fictional weddings for the New York Times?
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