Patt Morrison for April 16, 2012

Los Angeles Police Move In To Evict Occupy LA Encampment

Should Beck do more to discipline officers?

Some commissioners are concerned that, on the few occasions the commission has ruled against Beck’s recommendations, the chief has given out light or no punishment.

Tennessee “Monkey Bill” becomes law

More than 80 years ago, the Scopes ''Monkey Trial'' brought Tennessee the world's attention after the state prosecuted a schoolteacher for violating a law against teaching evolution.
Toyota Issues Prius Recall Over Cooling Pump Issue

Will hybrid owners keep coming back for more? Study says no

Not loyal to your hybrid? With gas prices surging towards $5 a gallon, hybrid vehicles are marketed as environmentally and fiscally responsible alternatives to standard vehicles. Yet according to a new study by automobile data and marketing solutions firm Polk, two-thirds of hybrid vehicle owners in the United States are unlikely to buy another one.

Villaraigosa announces new bike-share program

What will it take to get Angelenos out of their cars? Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is betting on more bikes. The mayor helped kick off last weekend’s CicLAvia event by announcing the city’s new bike-share program, to be rolled out over the next eighteen to twenty-four months.
A participant (L) wearing a mask of Appl
Last month, performance artist and pseudo-journalist Mike Daisey gained infamy for his account of going underground at a Chinese factory that makes components for Apple products.
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