Patt Morrison for April 18, 2012

When it comes to war, is the “trophy” impulse just too strong to override? Photos released today by the Los Angeles Times, provided by an anonymous soldier, show graphic images of American soldiers posing with the body parts of an Afghan corpse, adding to a steady trickle of other examples of this behavior, including a recent video of American troops urinating on dead Afghans and the 2004 photos of prisoners being abused and tortured at Abu Ghraib.

'Biological data' points to possible life on Mars

According to an international team of mathematicians and scientists, there is life on Mars.

Cash mobs hit LA

You’ve heard of flash mobs, but have you heard of cash mobs? While Republican and Democratic politicians continue to squabble over tax hikes, some Americans have chosen to show their support for the country’s small businesses the old fashioned way: by lavishing them with cash.
Sixty Second Annual Golden Globe Awards Press Conference

Remembering Dick Clark

Not everyone in the entertainment industry could boast about a sixty-plus year career in front of the camera, but Dick Clark could.
A sticker is stuck on a Washington, DC r

Voter ID wars heat up

Beneath the headlines about mommy wars and dogs on cars, a real debate is brewing about voter identification laws in the 2012 election.
"No Labels" Political Organization Launches As Counterpoint To Tea Party
Facing his final year in office, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will be giving his penultimate State of the City address today at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood and will be using the occasion to promote an indefinite extension of a half-cent sales tax for funding transit projects.
Premiere Of Sony Pictures Classics' "Darling Companion" - Red Carpet
Since famously being rejected 37 times for his first script, Lawrence Kasdan has gone on to become a very well-respected name in Hollywood.
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