Patt Morrison for April 23, 2012

Big Sunday: The countdown to the biggest volunteer event in California begins

Marcos Ambrose Visits Habitat For Humanity Build

Tom Pennington/Getty Images for TMS

Race car driver Marcos Ambrose (L) works building a home for Tora Barnes (R) with Habitat For Humanity volunteers on April 11, 2012 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Have you been keeping up on your New Year’s commitment to be a better citizen? You better hurry, April is National Volunteer Month and it's almost over!

If you’re fretting because you’ve failed to maintain your own high standards, worry not. Big Sunday's volunteer weekend (aka the Super Bowl of volunteering) is right around the corner, and David Levinson, the executive director of Big Sunday, is here to answer your questions and suggest organizations in need of your time and labor.

This year, Big Sunday will focus specifically on veterans’ and housing concerns, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other places in need of help. Make sure to call with questions, or just to congratulate Big Sunday on being the only organization in California to be recognized for its volunteer services by the Points of Light Foundation.


Do you volunteer regularly? Do you have suggestions or ideas for those who don’t? Do you feel like volunteering matters?


David Levinson, executive director of Big Sunday

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