Patt Morrison for April 23, 2012

Wal-Mart bribery case has broader business repercussions

A New York Times report out over the weekend claiming executives at the Mexican subsidiary of Wal-Mart were part of a widespread bribery campaign has not only affected the mega chain’s stocks, but also its reputation.
Riots Reconstruction

Is South LA seeing an economic revival?

At the 15-year mark, as much as $1 billion had been invested in South Central neighborhoods. Critics asked to what effect.
David Pilgrim
It’s a collection that’s meant to shock — and it does.
Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers
For the first time since the Staples Center was built in 1999, three professional sports teams that call it home, the Clippers, the Kings, and the Lakers, have qualified for their respective playoff seasons.
Obama Eases Cuba Travel Restrictions

Are travel agents making a comeback?

Need to book a flight? Frustrated by all the online search engine options out there? The U.S. Travel Association kicks off its industry’s annual meeting at the LA Convention center today.
Marcos Ambrose Visits Habitat For Humanity Build
Have you been keeping up on your New Year’s commitment to be a better citizen? You better hurry, April is National Volunteer Month and it's almost over!
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