Patt Morrison for April 24, 2012

President Barack Obama and GOP hopeful Mitt Romney
Save for Fox News’ right-leaning reputation, we’ve all heard that the press allegedly exhibits a liberal bias; however, a recent study of political media coverage by the Project for Excellence in Journalism over the last few months indicates that a conservative bias, or at least an anti-Obama bias, may be evident in the media.
CEO's And Corporate Executives Gather For Annual Allan And Co Gathering In Sun Valley

Facebook’s reduced revenue raises eyebrows

Is that the sound of screeching brakes? It could be, at least where potential Facebook investors are concerned.
World Leaders Gather In Cannes For The G20 Summit

What lessons can President Obama learn from the French election?

As France’s presidential election heats up between socialist Francois Hollande and conservative Nicolas Sarkozy, what lessons can President Barack Obama, with his own reelection campaign gaining steam, learn from the French runoff?
Border Agents Struggle To Keep Immigrants From Illegally Crossing AZ Border

Net migration from Mexico stops

All quiet on the border front? A new study from the Pew Hispanic Center finds that the wave of illegal immigration into the US from Mexico has slowed to a net standstill.
Crime Rises In LA's Koreatown

Considering the Korean American experience in the LA riots

“Sa-I-Gu” is what the Korean-American community in Los Angeles calls the event that most of us know as “The L.A. Riots.”
Just as it began to look like digital movie libraries and their streaming services would smash the movie theater industry altogether, a new model has come to town. Called Tugg, the company creates an interface between theaters and their patrons, allowing customers to program their own movie screenings.
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