Patt Morrison for April 26, 2012

What can be gleaned from the history of the home?

Did you know that Henry VIII slept on eight mattresses, and that he required that his servants roll on them to make sure no one had hidden daggers inside?

Or that the common living room grew out of the chain of reception rooms found in medieval palaces – starting with the presence chamber (for receiving), followed by the privy chamber (for intimate friends of the king), and concluding with the withdrawing chamber (where the king could withdraw from company altogether)? The make-up of both the modern house and those of its ancestors reveal much about the social ideologies of its occupants.

Join Patt and guest Lucy Worsley, chief curator of the Historic Royal Palaces in England and author of “If Walls Could Talk,” to learn more about the history of the home.


Lucy Worsley author, “If Walls Could Talk" (Walker & Company)

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