Patt Morrison for April 26, 2012

Los Angeles Police Department spokesman

USC, LAPD to increase security near campus post shootings

Following recent shooting deaths and robberies of students near the University of Southern California, Los Angeles Police Department and USC officials Thursday announced changes to campus safety measures.

Could you pass a financial literacy quiz?

Sara works full-time at the Big Save store and earns $2500 a month. Who pays the contributions to Social Security on the $2,500 a month that Sara earns?
Arkansas Spring Game

Former NFL agent Josh Luchs on football’s dirt off the field

The NFL draft takes place today, and many football players spend years slogging it out playing college football before they reach the draft.
US Representative Dana Rohrabacher

US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher denied access to enter Afghanistan

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) was in a plane on the tarmac in Dubai, ready to head to Afganistan as part of a congressional delegation, when U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called to request that he cancel his trip because Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai had threatened to deny the entire delegation entry if Rohrabacher stayed on the plane.
Aids Healthcare Foundation

Billboard with giant inflated condom moved after mom complains

How would you like to see a giant depiction of an inflated condom outside of your home every day?

What can be gleaned from the history of the home?

Did you know that Henry VIII slept on eight mattresses, and that he required that his servants roll on them to make sure no one had hidden daggers inside?
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