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‘Sacré Bleu’! Portrait of an artist, his girlfriend, van Gogh and paintings … gone

by Patt Morrison

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New York Times bestselling writer Christopher Moore, author of 11 novels, returns with a tale of love, mystery and art in his new book “Sacré Bleu,” translated from French to English as “sacred blue.”

Baker’s son Lucien Lessard, a young artist, falls deeply in love with Juliette, whom he paints wearing a lovely blue dress. One day, however, Lucien shows up to his studio, and voila! His girl is gone, and also his paintings. Juliette is apparently linked to a strange little person called the Colorman, who is giving Lucien's contemporaries, including Vincent van Gogh, a glorious but dangerous shade of blue paint known as sacré bleu.

The book revises van Gogh’s long reported suicide as actually a murder at the hands of the Colorman, who, in the novel, fatally shoots the famed painter. Ohio-born Moore is known for his zippy, comic plots, including a comedic vampire romance trilogy. Join Patt as she speaks with the author about his new novel.


Are you a fan of Moore? If so, have you read “Sacré Bleu”? What about Moore’s books captures your attention? Do you agree with reimagining van Gogh’s death?


Chris Moore, author, "Sacré Bleu"

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