Patt Morrison for April 30, 2012

A view of the main entrance to Apple Inc.
Since 2006, Apple has deposited most of its domestic profits into accounts linked to the company’s subsidiary in Reno, Nevada through tax loopholes with nicknames like the “Double Irish With A Dutch Sandwich.” By doing so, they’ve avoided paying California’s 8.84 percent corporate income tax rate and enjoyed Nevada’s zero percent corporate tax rate.
Smokers Could Face Tobacco Tax Increase

Would you vote for a tax increase on cigarettes?

Californians will head to the ballot box in June to vote on Prop 29, which would boost taxes on a pack of cigarettes by $1.
American Airlines Workers Rally Outside U.S. Bankruptcy Court

What is the future of organized labor in the United States?

Job security. Health care. Retirement. Workers in the United States have a lot to feel insecure about within a still-shaky economy.
US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan sp
Immigration, tax cuts and health care are some of the items on the greatest hits list of political footballs, but the recent fight over student loan interest rates is the kind of disagreement more traditionally worked out someplace other than in newspaper headlines.
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