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DNA USA: Mapping the melting pot, genetically speaking

"DNA USA: Genetic Portrait of America" by Bryan Sykes

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Did you know that racial intermixing is least common in the genes of the descendants of New England colonists? Or that many Southwestern Catholics have Jewish genes?

English geneticist Bryan Sykes spent four months touring the United States, taking DNA samples and interviewing the people he took them from. The end result is “DNA USA: a Genetic Biography of America,” and while it might confirm your suspicions about America as a melting pot, the stories and lineages that Sykes traces aren’t always what you’d expect.

Make sure to join Patt as she speaks with Dr. Sykes about the genetic history (and future) of America.


Bryan Sykes, author, “DNA USA: A Genetic Biography of America” (W. W. Norton & Company; February 2012)