Patt Morrison for May 4, 2012

The good news: the U.S. unemployment rate in April fell to its lowest number in three years! The bad news: the drop may just be due to more people losing hope of ever finding a job and dropping out of the search.

Hipster racism: myth or fact?

The term ‘hipster racism,’ has been tweeted about quite a bit lately, prompting praise, debate, and a lot of head-scratching. What is it?
New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins

Is the NFL doing enough about brain injuries?

In the wake of former San Diego Chargers linebacker Junior Seau’s suicide, his family has announced that they will donate his brain for research into football-related head injuries.
Top of the Rock
There was a period in the 1990s when NBC’s Thursday night primetime lineup was so dominant that it earned the name “Must See TV.” Millions tuned in every week, and the watercooler talk on Friday mornings was a litany of “Seinfeld” quotes, the shenanigans of the twentysomethings on “Friends” and the latest drama from the incisive hospital program ‘ER.
Cinco De Mayo Celebrated In Los Angeles
Will you be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Dos Equis XX, store bought guacamole and the most interesting man in the world? Or will you ‘find your beach’ with a nice cold Corona?
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