Patt Morrison for May 8, 2012

Mercer 3868
A daily drama plays out on the streets of Los Angeles as drivers with limited parking options scramble out of bed to beat the parking police before street sweeping restrictions kick in.
Why Calories Count

Understanding the calorie in an “eat more” world

What is a calorie? The concept seems so simple, yet calories cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted, and it’s their over and under consumption that creates the majority of health problems around the globe.
Media companies and advertisers are constantly adjusting to appeal to consumers, which is why Disney Co.’s ABC News and Univision Communications are teaming up to launch a 24-hour English-language news network to attract more of the fast growing U.
L.A. Youth

LA teens and literacy

Literacy rates in Los Angeles are the second lowest in the nation, but despite the grim statistics a few organizations are working with youth to generate a passion for reading, performing and writing.
Glenn Frey
The music group The Eagles perfectly captured the commercial side of the breezy, pop-country Southern California sound in the 1970s. Fans couldn’t get enough - the band sold tens of millions of copies of their six albums, two greatest hits packages and a live double album before disbanding acrimoniously in the early 1980s.
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