Patt Morrison for May 10, 2012

Two weeks ago, President Barack Obama ‘slow jammed’ the news with Jimmy Fallon, but tonight Obama will incite a jam of a different nature… a traffic jam.
Scientists at Emory University recently proved that it’s possible to perform an MRI on a non-sedated canine named Callie, and the next step is learning about how dogs think.
Jamie Lynne Grumet
Baby wearing, sleeping with your baby, indefinite breastfeeding — these are the primary tenets of the movement known as “attachment parenting."
Anyone living in the Los Angeles area knows that we are high on consumption (gas, food, water) and low on resources. Making changes to your daily habits through things like energy-efficient appliances, replacing light bulbs, and driving less offers one kind of antidote, but “green” building trends, like using recycled materials, are also on the rise.
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