Patt Morrison for May 14, 2012

How can we stop big banks from putting the economy at risk?

Advocates of increased regulation are using JPMorgan Chase’s staggering loss as evidence that more bank oversight and guidance is needed, while others insist that big banks are simply too big.
California Governor
How is California back here again, staring down a $16 billion budget deficit — almost double what it was four months ago?
Beth Stockbridge, an intern with the US
A survey finds tha companies expect students to have internships, even though only half have hired interns in the past six months and most aren't hiring their current interns for full-time positions.
Facebook Expected To File For IPO

California is set for a big Facebook IPO tax payday

The cash-strapped state stands to see a tax windfall when the social media megacompany offers its first ownership shares to the general public.

James Franco offers a new spin on 'Rebel Without a Cause'

A new art show at MOCA co-curated by the actor, filmmaker and artist features pieces by Ed Ruscha, Paul McCarthy and Harmony Korine.
China Unveils New Turboprop Regional Aircraft

The aerospace industry is taking off in China

China has announced a plan to spend a quarter of a trillion dollars on the aerospace industry. Their airlines are expected to triple in fleet size over the next ten years.
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