Patt Morrison for May 17, 2012

Seven Los Angeles County sheriff’s officers from a gang unit have been placed on leave and are under investigation for forming a secret clique that celebrated police shootings.
2011 Summer TCA Tour - Day 1
California voters will see a familiar household name on the June ballot for the state presidential primary, according to state election officials.
California State Seal - Supreme court

June 5 primary: the most important in the state’s history?

While there isn’t much mystery about which presidential candidates are going to snag their parties’ nomination, a few other important matters will be decided.
Dr Philip Nitschke Gives A Workshop On Assisted Suicide
Alan Purdy did not kill his wife Margaret, but he did watch her die.
Bad Religion

Has 'institutional Christianity' helped or hurt the U.S.?

Is it religion’s dearth or presence that contributes to the country’s political gridlock? Or could it be possible that the answer is neither of the above?
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