Patt Morrison for May 18, 2012

Facebook Debuts As Public Company With Initial Public Offering On NASDAQ Exchange

All eyes on Facebook

Facebook stock is now available to the public, but is it meeting expectations?
Fire Burns Over 600 Acres In Los Angeles Griffith Park

When wild animals and humans collide, what should be done?

Residents of Glendale and La Crescenta have had a frequent and unexpected visitor over the past few months…
Senator Harry Reid Discusses The Highway Bill

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid fights to bust filibusters

He apologizes to senators for squelching a 2010 quest to reform the Senate’s longstanding filibuster rule.
Young Son With His Career-Minded Mother

Raising children with your smartphone

Research shows children act out more when they don’t get their parent’s undivided attention, which increasingly concerns child behaviorists.
Children wear special glasses as they wa
The western United States is primed for a fairly rare celestial event on Sunday — the first annular solar eclipse since 1994.
Soldier Dogs

Will America’s military dogs get a promotion?

Dogs have been stalwart human companions for thousands of years - they share our joys, sorrows, homes and lives, and increasingly, they’ve been following us into battle as well.
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