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World Goth Day 2012: Are you a true Goth?

by Patt Morrison

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Gothic rock music enthusiasts walk the streets between venues during the annual Wave Gotik music festival on June 11, 2011 in Leipzig, Germany. Carsten Koall/Getty Images

Today is World Goth Day, but what does that mean? Dark eyeliner and pasty, white skin? "Dark Shadows"?

The Goths were originally an East Germanic tribe, but the Gothic name has been applied to everything from art, architecture (think flying buttresses) and literature (both Dracula and William Faulkner fit in this category) to the post-punk movement that spawned bands like the Cure, the Sisters of Mercy, and Fields of the Nephilim.

Before you grab that crushed velvet, take a second to listen to Patt discuss the true meaning of Gothic.


William Hughes, professor of Gothic Studies at Bath Spa University; joint president of the International Gothic Association; founding editor of the internationally-refereed journal "Gothic Studies"; member editorial board of Manchester University Press's International Gothic Series.

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